Elephant trunk nebula - Mosaic of 2 images (2013-2015)

La nébuleuse de la trompe d'éléphant  (NGC 281) dans le complexe IC1396 - Mosaïque de 2 images (Constellation de Céphée)


The Elephant's Trunk nebula is a concentration of interstellar gas and dust in the star cluster IC 1396 and ionized gas region located in the constellation Cepheus about 3,000 light-years away from Earth. The piece of the nebula shown here is the dark, dense globule IC 1396A; it is commonly called the Elephant Trunk nebula because of its appearance at visible wavelengths, where it is a dark patch with a bright, sinuous rim. The bright rim is the surface of the dense cloud that is being illuminated and ionized by a very bright, massive star that is just to the west of IC 1396A. The entire IC 1396 region is ionized by the massive star, except for dense globules that can protect themselves from the star's harsh ultraviolet rays.

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 Date & Location

6 nuits en Juillet 2013 et 3 nuits en juillet 2015 – Lozère, France


Takahashi FSQ 106ED

Mount : Takahashi EM200

Camera CCD : SBIG STL 4020M

Focuser : Robofocus/FocuxMax

Filters : Ha/SII/OIII Astrodon filters

Guidage : Off-axis MMOAG (Astrodon) STL remote guider TC-237H



Ha  (14*20min) SII (14*20min)  OIII (14*20min)    -   Total : 14 hours for one image

Out temperature : 13°C

In CCD temperature : -25°

Softwares for acquisition

Robofocus, Focusmax, MaximDL, TheShy6 Pro, CCDAP 4, CCDInspector

Softwares for digital image processing

Full processing with PIXINSIGHT Core version 1.8

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